🔥 New, Faster Data Editor

Noticed this last night while I was working. It’s great. Especially for really big apps with lots of columns. Thanks, yall!


Thanks team! Awesome improvement :fire:

Only one suggestion. When I have a blank image column I miss that + sign to get an image in a quick way.

This way it is now, it’s not bad, but I feel could improve because before it was easier.



Hello @Lucas_Pires
it’s true there is no longer the “+” but a double click works (well for me :-))

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Works works well but we gotta double click and click again in the pencil :pencil2: to edit

@Mark is this still scheduled for today? Just trying to plan with customers. Thanks.

Rearranging/dragging columns doesn’t move beyond the visible area in the web browser — have to move it as far left as you can see, then scroll the editor to the left, then drag the column again. The editor used to move itself if you dragged a column to the furthest edge of the viewer.

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Yes, later today.


Thanks @Mark

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Hey,Mark! Has the Row ID bug been fixed already?

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I think so from what I can see :muscle:


I just used it and it worked for me too :smiley_cat:


OK! Thanks. I will try!!

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Ok good
But for the other bugs ???


I think I may have another bug regarding relations… (or maybe I am missing something)

I’m working through the Conference App demo.

When I create the relation from the Speakers to the Talks, it is showing the talk description rather than the Talk Titles.

ie. This

instead of this:

I verified this is the case in the template I copied.

Is the description column the first column, or is that the next one to the talk titles?

Regardless of what it’s showing, a relation still links to the entire row. Not an individual column. A lookup can pull a specific column out of that relation. Is the relation not working correctly, or is it just showing a column value you didn’t expect?

The relation seems to be working in the app itself, but it is not displaying “as expected” in the data editor.

For reference on “as expected” see, https://youtu.be/Drpjh2CJSpA?t=945

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Ok, I haven’t been in Glide for a few weeks, so I haven’t had a chance to play with the updates, but I wonder if glide is now attempting to show the column you are relating to instead of defaulting to always show the first column, like it used to. I think I remember reading another post where it was offset on showing the correct column. Maybe still a bug, or maybe someone else can confirm. Usually I don’t pay much attention to what a relation column is showing. Only that it’s working and linking to the correct rows.