New component "wait" or "Delay" or "Sleep"

I did some research and couldn’t find the following - so shooting it out here before submitting new feature request:

Do we have a “sleep” or “wait” component to induce some delay within other components (workflow steps per se)?

Here’s an example of use:
User registers to Trial with an App using Email.
Using Google script or Zapier, an email is sent to this user with a “verification code”
“Enter Verification code” should only show after nn seconds (to allow for Zapier or G.S. delay).


Probably we can tell the script to write a “sent” value to one column in the Sheet after the email has been sent. Show the component only when that column is not empty.

This is how I have it setup. Logic is working fine , it’s just at he App interface, when user is prompted to enter verification code, a “Proceed” button shows for few seconds and then disappears. This button shall only show when entered code by user matches the generated code. It will confuse user to see this button show, disappears then shows up again upon proper code entry . One way to solve this is what I suggested above by adding a “wait” component.