Nested text fields

Hello. I want to build a structure on the data screen.
I want to create 2 text fields and use them nested. For example;

Question field is: I asked my dad what this is and he said {answer}.
Answer field is: “nothing”
Final output: I asked my father what it was and he said “nothing”.

I can’t figure out how to build such a structure, can you help me?

Use a template column.

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Yes this is working but not correctly.

When I add a new row, it is the same text because it is a template. I want to enter a different question and enter a different answer every time I add a row.

Every part of a template column can be dynamic if you make it so. If you want a different question and a different answer in each row, then source each replacement value from the appropriate column in the row.

Here’s the docs link.


I did it! Actually it’s really simple but really productive. Thank you :tada:

Just curious, why do you need two parts though?

I need like “fill in the blank” things. Sometimes I’ll change only a first-part and second-part stays the same.

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