Nested Role Based Security

Hi, This is my first new topic post so let me know if I’m doing it wrong. I have a Glide App in use today. I am struggling to manage a particular situation. I’ve read about 6 posts that I think might apply but I’m too inexperienced to be sure.

The situation:

  • There are multiple teams that use the app
    – Each team member must only be able to see their team’s data
    – At scale, there could be hundreds if not thousands of teams
    – New Teams are created from time to time
    – Existing Teams are eliminated from time to time

  • There are multiple team members on each team
    – There are multiple roles within each team
    – Each team member should only be able to see data for their role on their team
    – At scale, there could be dozens of team members per team
    – New Team Members are added from time to time
    – Existing Team Members leave their team from time to time

I have considered using Roles but I haven’t figured out a way to do Nested Role Based Security
– Role 1 = Team Name
– Role 2 = Position on Team
– Someone has access if Role 1 = Team Name AND Role 2 = Position on Team
– It is not feasible to use conditional visibility because it is not secure

Could anyone guide me on how to solve this?

Here;s the relevant documentation.

You should be able to point an array column containing the team name and position on team as your “role” column, in your User Profiles settings.

Then, on other tables, when you or your user create new rows, make sure you assign a “role” column on those tables to connect with the “role” in your User Profiles table. This should also be an array column.


Thank you. I now see how to do it.

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