Need name/description suggestions for app for template store approval

Hello Kind Glide Community,

Link to app :

I added my app for template approval in the glide store. They say it got rejected for “name or/and description”
Please help what should I change it to to get selected?

Thank you.

hmmm - I kind of like it. I think the description is good. Or maybe add some verbage about it being a social storytelling platform where you can follow your favorite story teller?

And maybe StorySwap for the name.

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Hi @shej,

I’ll take a look at your template and get back to you with more feedback on your storytelling app after Glide’s AM standup meeting, around noon PST. Thanks for all your work!

  • Harleigh

I like the name storyswap and the description. Thank you @darren .

I would really appreciate if knew the specifics. First time created something, would love to make corrections and see it in the template store.

Hey Shej,
Thanks for your patience! I apologize - I hadn’t caught Darren’s excellent feedback! You’ve done a lot of great work already. Try resubmitting once you’ve integrated Darren’s feedback and given it another look over with the template store guidelines.

Thank you for getting back. I think I have covered the template store guidelines. Do you think there is anything I’m missing?