Need help with a problem - Deleted user's name is removed from items they posted

The basic rules

1.Anything that can be added, can be deleted.
2. Anything that can be deleted, can be revived (hence: archive). Your looking for the term Archive.

You want solution two. You want to archive all former employees. This is what you need to do:

  1. Create a live duplicate of the sheet in question (“DP”).
  2. Under the main inline list, add a further inline list (call this archives)
  3. Use DP as your archive,

If you need inspiration check out my apps, especially my restaurant delivery apps which are all about new orders, pending orders, dispatched orders, and archived orders. But you cannot use the main sheet to serve as both live and dead inline lists. Hence two inline lists. You will just add a button column on the duplicate inline list to filter by dead/archived/ex employees; and the main sheet by current employees.

This way nothing need get deleted from the sheet.

I am very busy at the moment so might not be available for reply, but just check out my delivery apps.

Thank you

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