Need help with a filter problem

Does my “current project array” have to be in the project sheet? Because currently it is in the staff sheet and when I try to create a relation column in the staff sheet, it gives me this, cannot select an array.

OK, let me ask this. Do you have an actual array, or are you just calling it an array? If it’s actually an array, the data editor will only show one column with all the values in the separate columns combined. Also, are you working with google sheets or glide tables?

If you place all of your columns next to each other in a google sheet and sequentially number them, then they will combine and show in the data editor as a single array column. Your screenshot is showing gaps with other columns in between your project columns, so I’m suspecting that you do not actually have an array column.

If you are using a glide table, then it will not automatically generate that array column. You then have to create a template column that joins all of the project columns together with some sort of delimiter, like a comma , or what I prefer…a pipe |. Then you use a Split column to split that template column on the delimiter to create an array.

That’s why I asked to see a screenshot of your array column. I wanted to verify that you in fact do have an array column.

And to answer your question…no you do not want to add anything to your project sheet. What I’m describing should only happen in the Staff sheet.


I set up the numbered columns in the google sheet, then this was combined in the Glide sheet, so I guess I’ll have to create that template column now…:grimacing:
Here’s a screenshot of my current “array” in Glide and the according columns in Google.

Well, that seems correct. I feel like that should work. I’ll try to test it out myself later. So even if you scroll all the way down your list of columns when creating the relation, you still don’t see the array? Maybe it’s at the bottom of the list? You’ll still see the individual columns as options, but usually you should see the array intermixed in there.

It works! :partying_face::balloon:

That was great. Thank you!

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