Need help Make a log in pages


Im looking to make a very “simple” page that will record the time it take to complete an order.

2 simples pages with a single field each to input/scan the # and record the time. The ideal would be the prompt is always in the field and once the number is scanned it will create the record and provide a clean screen for the next scan.

What im missing first is how to add the Current Time/Date, that fields does not seems to be available anywhere. This is key for my idea to work.

Here is the current project im working on. 2 pages setup in different ways configured to fill the data into sheets.

Any input is appreciated

In the custom actions of “add row”, you have access to the current date/time as well as the logged in user email, etc.

Thanks documentation was driving me crazy.

Im at the spot i wanted to be minus 2 things:

  • Input on enter
  • Logic: For this i was looking to only be able to record a number twice ( this would give me the start and stop time ). Im not sure what language to use while searching this.

You have the same ability in the custom action ‘set column values’. So when the order is complete, set the second date.

In order to be more precise in helping, we’d need to know the structure of your data – do you currently have orders and now you want to track how long it took for each order? You would need two dates on your order “start time” and “completed time” and they would be set at different stages of the order – one would be set on order creation, and the other could be set at order fulfillment.

We want to track how long the order took.

We have the following fields in a table


The only caveat is that we don’t want to have more than one input field like this for it to be kind of hands off.

The staff member would approach the machine, scan a barcode from an order sheet and this would be the start time. Same would apply to end time.

Our IMS does have this data but some of our order require a group to work first and and pass it over to another group to finish the order hence we need to track both separatly.

Hope it makes sense.

Again, I’d really need to know your data structure. For example, I have a table that has a main set of items, and another table that tracks activity on an item.

There is a relation between the two so I can see if an item has activity recorded to it or not.

When they select an item, I show one of two buttons “record activity” if the relation is empty (there is no activity) or “update activity” if the relation is not empty (there has been activity).

For the “record activity” button, I do the action “show form screen” on the activity table.

For the “update activity”, I have a custom action that first updates the date in the item record, and then “show edit screen” using the activity relation for the data.

Hi @David_Gabler , been trying for a couple of days to see if i could do it but im missing something. I dont have the experience to crack this on my own.

There is not data structure yet, only had one empty table, actually the first to record would be exactly that. Per you message above i added an additional table to track the status but im dont know how add a record change on that table for the to on the second instance compare and decide which button to show.

Hope it makes sense

I guess if I were to attempt something like this, I would set it up like this.

I would have a single row table to act as the source for your screen. On that table I would have a user specific column to hold your order number. Then I would create a single relation column that links the entered order number to the order number in the orders table. Then I would create two lookup columns to retrieve the order start date and end date from the relation.

The screen itself would have an entry component that points to the user specific column and a button that calls a custom action.

The custom button action should have an IF condition to first check if the lookup start date is empty. If it is, then set the start date to the current date through the relation. If the lookup start date is already populated, then you should have an else condition that checks if the lookup end date is empty. If it is, then set the end date to the current date through the relation.

If course, this is assuming that you are tracking the start and end dates in the actual order table.

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I like @Jeff_Hager’s suggestion. But before trying to design the screens, etc., you should really have a clear idea of the data. For example, you already know you want to track an order start and order end. The method I chose for my situation was because there can be more activity on an item than just start and end. That’s why I chose to use a second table. And in my case, there is no screen for the second table – it is written to only by custom actions in my app when activity takes place that I want to track.