Need help in displaying some values from other table

so l have a site survey form whose source is ROOMS, so while trying fill the room, l tried to add choice component to display names from CLIENT TABLE to select, unfortunately, it didn’t show client table as an option to select, l guess that’s because the site survey form is attached to ROOMS as a source… l want to add new clients from that site survey form, maybe perhaps as through form container, is it possible??
what’ s the way forward

Is there a reason why your choice is writing to a relation instead of a regular basic column type? Is that an Airtable linked record by chance?

l don’t know why regular basis column doesn’t appear


You are using a Details Screen as a form screen - is this a deliberate choice?

I’d recommend using a Form Screen or Form Container instead.


I assume you are trying to write that choice to a column in the rooms table. Which column are you trying to write to? Can you show a screenshot of that column in the data editor?

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