Need help in creating multiple Entries with same Name on having multiple selection from choice component

Hey Guys,

I have a strange requirement where I will have a data entered where there is name, Description , Owner etc

Owner is going to be a choice component which will allow multiple entry.

When there are more than 1 owner selected lets say for example if there are 2 owners selected

it should create 2 rows with same Name and Description but 2 owners.

Is there a way to automate this?

What logic can I use to make this happen using actions?


Is there a fixed maximum number of owner selections that can be made?

Hi Darren,

No it can vary and there is no Max limit.

For time being I would assume it to be about 25? but this can increase quickly.

I want to make it easier for my team to input values by allowing them to create single records and assign many people.

But for my other front end I need to show individual records for each person assigned.


Okay, so in that case your only option is to use the API.
You will need to use a custom form, and you could probably use a JavaScript column to prepare the required number of add-row-to-table mutations, and then pass that to the Glide API. Either directly using a Call API action, or via Make with a Trigger Webhook action.

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I haven’t used Glide Api or custom form. Let me try and read more on it.

Just found your post for custom forms


Yes, that is a very old post, but the general technique hasn’t really changed.
I’d suggest also looking for some video tutorials on using the Glide API.
Bob Petitto has a few.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction. Ill go through the contents and circle back with you if I have any Doubts Darren,

Thank you again.


I checked it Darren,

I wanted to know if there was a way to do it without any external 3rd party like make

I saw zapier cant be used for this approach.

So I guess I wont be able to do it unless I use a 3rdparty.


If you have a Business Plan, you can use the Call API action.

I have team plan currently. However I am thinking ill give a duplicate button

which will duplicate the entry in the same table. Then ask them to change owner.

Hopefully this will work.