Need help changing List view status colour

Hey Guys,

Thank you for being patient and answering all my stupid questions. I am kind of trying to make my UI look more presentable.

I have a list view and the list view has a status “Confirmed” , “Initial Conversation”, “Lead” etc

I have separated these based on status in List view. I would want either to have a small indicator Next to each list view items with colour to show the difference Like Confirmed to be Green , Lead to be blue colour etc

This can either be in marked portion which has ‘2’ in the screens hot below this will be for each ITEM in the list view —Its using the list view image ciomponent

Or it can be in the “1” marked portion at the top where it will be for each of the status. and wont be for each List view item.

Or any place you would recommend.

Would also need it in the Detail page as sown in screenshot 2. Marked as “S3”

Would really appreciate your help.


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