Navigation within Glide Sheets

Hi guys - this may sound like a dumb question - but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

When in a Glide sheet what are the CTRL keys to navigate without having to scroll. Specifically I have a ‘big table’ with 70,000 rows in it. If I want to ‘jump’ to the bottom row - how do I do that. Does someone have a list of control codes to enable me to move around using shortcuts?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t have a list for you but for jumping to the bottom row, it’s Cmd + down arrow for me on MacOS.

Thanks for that. On a Glide Big Table that drops the cursor 1000 lines - but not to the bottom - will keep on looking.

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I use a Google extension called “Win7 Scrollbars”. I always forget that it isn’t native until someone is viewing my screen and asks how I got the scrollbars. This is not as good as a keyboard shortcut, but makes navigating on my Mac much easier as you can grab a scrollbar and drag it quickly to the bottom of a long list. It might help.

Hi Kathy, thanks for the helpful reply. I installed the extension and it works really well except for ‘Big Tables’ where it still only advances a few hundred records at a time. I suspect that Glide doesn’t load all of the rows in a ‘Big Table’ at once due to the size and memory it would consume.

Thanks again for your help.

Yes, I believe that’s true.
In my experience with Big Tables, you’ll never see more than a few thousand rows in the Data Editor, and additional rows are loaded in batches of 1000 as you scroll.

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