Navigating back to app after phone call/sms

Is there a good way for users to navigate back to the app after using the phone component to place a call or send a SMS?

Currently, “swiping back” takes the user back to the top of their phone/messaging application…it does not return them back to the app. Currently, users can “pull up” on their phone home screen to switch between apps (and back to the glide app).

Is there a solution for this flow? I looked at compound actions, but didn’t see a way to piece this together.


I think once they call/send a SMS, they have been taken out of the app and at that point we don’t have control over their actions anymore.

Thanks @ThinhDinh for your reply!

I figured as much, but wanted to confirm. I’ve read some amazingly creative solutions on this site and not much on this topic. Thought it was worth a post.

Appreciate the help!

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