My yearly Glide praise

I was talking the other day about how using a good and expensive external party for the design and realization of a project has hindered that project. Because of the money involved with every change on the site and the lack of money at a certain stage, we stopped trying enough to evolve the site into the site it could be.
Enter Glide. If I have an idea I can realize it in hours. If I lack knowledge I ask others or start looking around in documents. Thanks to Glide I can do and try everything I want and need myself.
If money is no issue, you can always hire others and there are good reasons to do so fellow Gliders ;-), but I advise every company to become knowledgeable themselves as well.
It is so nice to be independent and in control. And to be able to talk on the same level as others that maybe know a lot more.
Thank you for another year, Glide!