My paid project no fancy features,Confused about template ( Pro )

Hello Glide , I have been using Glide for many years and upgrade plan to Pro , After I check out new template and your video . I found out that my interfaces are very old and no new features compare to new template

  1. How can I upgrade my project to the newest one ?
  2. Do I need to create new project to use new fancy features , I am hearth broken T^T
  3. My Project that I have been starting since long time ago no Big Number and those fancy features

One is Apps, and the other one is Pages… no need to upgrade… two different products

How can I introduce those fancy features , page to my current App ?

CSS… and Java… much better

Really thanks for your answer , I’m newbie , where to put CSS and Java to customize or create interface and pattern ? Action Text ? I mean if I want to build something like Big Number in that Page

Try my Code BOOK… click my avatar and… explore the world of Unlimited possibilities :wink:

Wow this really open my world , I wonder if these codes or script can you data from my table to represent?

I did mention unlimited possibilities. LOL