Music festival organization

Hi everyone,

We’re a NGO in France, organizing music and dance festivals and other stuff.

For our festivals, we already have a strong airtable database with many automations to deal with prefilled forms but it’s quite hard to maintain. We’ve seen the new airtable integration in Glide and wanted to give it a try to be able to have a nice frontend to all our users :

  • volunteers,
  • artists,
  • groups,
  • managers,
  • customers.

We would like them to be able to access all the information that is relative to them and modify it on the go.
If it’s going well we’ll probably try to have a simple blog on it and a lot of other things !

I’m really happy with this app and hope I won’t find no-go limitations on my way.

Have a good way


Welcome to the Glide Community :slight_smile:

Bienvenue sur Glide et bon développement de ton app.

Welcome, feel free to ask questions and we’ll try to help!

A big, warm welcome from the Glide Team, @Yemgui :rocket: