Multitenancy E-learning app with payments

Hey guys, we plan to build MVP of e-learning app for companies - do you think that following features are doable in Glide app?

  • multitenancy with options to manage e-learning for their employees (invite user, assign a course to the user, track completion…)
  • payments integration (Stripe or other)
  • different dashboard for company admin and employee
  • issue a certificate for completing a course (passing a test/quiz)


I’d say all of the above are possible, but you should have a good look at the Glide Pricing Plans to ensure that the cost would fit within your business model.

You’d most likely be looking at either Business or Enterprise plan, which means you’d be subject to per user pricing.

Thanks Darren! Understand, what do you think would be the reason we would need an Enterprise pricing? Because of payments or multitenancy or any other feature?

You can do multi-tenancy by using Roles as Row Owners, so you don’t need any particular plan for that.

My comment was made more on the assumption that you would expect to scale to a significant number of companies and users. Once you do that, you will probably want to take advantage of one of the high scale data sources, and you need at least a Business Plan for that. For an MVP, a Business Plan is probably the right place to start, and then evaluate your options as you start to grow.

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Sure, makes sense. Thanks a lot for advice!