Multiple users can use builder at same time (real-time collaboration)

  • Feature request: Allow multiple users in the builder at the same time.
  • Short term fix: Show avatars of people currently in builder on Orgs “Apps” view
  • Use Case: As Glide gains importance in organizations, it will be important to allow multiple users within the same app-builder instance — similar to how Google Docs works.
    • Let’s say someone is in charge of design/layout in Glide
    • But another person is in charge of data, and they want to ‘preview’ what it looks like for a specific user to ensure it meets requirements, or perhaps create new columns in the data builder
    • Today, these two people must coordinate when they are using Glide today to ensure no one is getting ‘kicked out’

cc @Robert_Petitto



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We call this “real-time collaboration.” We’d love to offer it, but it’s tricky!