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Hi, I have seen several posts addressing this but I am having a hard time understanding them.

I’m making a dating app. You can choose the kind of relationship you are looking for: love, friendship, fun… You can choose several of them.

In the search screen, only users who are looking for one or more matching relationship types should appear.

How do I achieve that?

Thanks a lot!

You can do it like this, assuming you’re storing the kind of relationship as a comma-delimited list (i.e: love,friendship,fun if you get that from a multiple choice component).

  • Create a split text column to split the list of relationship kinds into an array.

  • Create a relation from that array to itself. You will get a list of people that matches at least one relationship kind, for each user.

  • Add a collection/inline list to the screen, have the source be the relation above. Filter out the “current user” (i.e: email/rowID is not signed-in user’s email/rowID)

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Thank you for this reply.

I’m using a Swipe component, is there a way to use the relationship kinds in the “Filter data” section instead of showing them in an inline list?

You should still be able to point your Swipe layout to be powered by a relation instead of using “Filter data”.

The thing is I have many filters on the Swipe:

How can the Relationship Type filter be added to the ones already active?


Oh sorry, I forgot that the Swipe layout does not allow you to specify a relation as its input as it’s on the tab level only. Please ignore my previous message.

From the relation, you should be able to get a joined list of rowIDs/emails. Filter by rowID/email is included in joined list of matching rowIDs/emails.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hope it helped you get to the solution!

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