Multiple Relation for Reports

Hello, Heres My Case:

I Got a List of Property
i want to know how much each property earned each month in a year.

how do i get that ?

Table1 : list of customer with certain property they bought
Table2 : list of property name
Table3 : list of month (from jan-dec), and i can insert each month target goals so i could compare against the realize from Table1

The Result would be:

When in May, I Could have a graphic of

Jan-May target compared to Jan-May Realize

would it be possible ?

Can you show us the data structure of table 1? Would that include the price that the customer brought the property at? I think this is a permanent purchase, not a monthly rent, is that correct?

Yep. Permanent Purchase

Table 1:
Customer | Property Name | Price | Bought Date

Table 2:
List of Property Name

Table 3:
Month of Year