Multiple Dynamic Filters on a Map?

Hello there,
Thanks for the tips, it’s amazinnng
@Jeff_Hager i have a trouble with the user specific columns… I don’t know in wich sheet to add it ahaha.
Could you help me ? :o

It all depends on what you are trying to do, but if you are trying to save a choice component value, for example, then the user specific column would be placed on the same sheet where you are viewing the detail screen and have the choice component on that screen.

@Jeff_Hager, hello and thank you for your instructions and Concepts app. I was able to recreate your Region and Division example for a dynamic filter on a map. I’ve decided now to filter based on State instead, and I can’t get the visibility to show me only the items in the State the user selects from a Choice of all states. With one inline list, the filter works fine. When I add a second (or more) inline list, I believe there’s some conflict occurring.

Any idea how I can simplify your dynamic filters from two to just one choice - it’s really the visibility I’m getting hung up on. If anyone has a suggestion, I’m all :ear:t4:'s! Thanks in advance!

Oh, to add - I’ve tried putting my choice on sheet1 and my results on sheet2, and have even tried choices and results being on the same sheet. I’m getting stuck on how to filter AND/OR apply visibility.

Ex. based on state choice = Maryland, show me a list of restaurants in the state of Maryland.

If you want to filter based on the States only, have a choice component pointing to a user-specific column that would store the state.

Then add a relation matching that column to the state column in the sheet where you store all restaurants, set the matching to multiple. Display that relation in a map layout.


Thank you @ThinhDinh!! I did what you suggested and it worked. Just what I needed. Yessss! :checkered_flag:


Glad it works :smile:

Hi Jeff, I am also trying to replicate the Dynamic List Filter but I’m a bit confused with sheets and where things live.

I created one new sheet for “filter choices” and one for “user filter selections” in which I have the user specific columns. Is this correct?

The issue I am having is when I try to set up the choice components for the filters, I am forced to choose a column of my “details sheet” (instead of the “user filter selections”, as I would want it) to record user data.

Here is my app:

I took some inspiration from @Jeff_Hager and implemented a UI with these features:

  • Filter based on distance bands or all
  • Filter based on tag (category) when your filter selection matches one of several possible tags
  • Above includes “All Categories” or places that you have favorited
  • Switch between list/map view

If glide has a more sophisticated filtering UI then I would have had to make this :wink: :wink:

One downside is that sometimes there is a 3+ second delay before items are presented. I assume that this relates to the distance calculations? This would be tolerable if the list UI provided loading feedback but it looks like empty search results.

Also, I am about to expand the places database from 100 to 1300. That will double again in a month or so. I am holding my breath that the app does not take a performance hit.

I can provide more info if people are interested.


That is great! Your method reminds me of @Jeff_Hager’s floating button, probably I’ll try making a floating filter button that leads to a screen with multiple choice filters at some point in the future.

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Thanks. During user tests, nobody noticed the filter button at the top. Plus when you have a map consume the whole screen there is no room leftover for other important functions (not shown in my screenshot).

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This would be worth a million dollars. I hope it happens too.

“What would be in fact a very basic solution is to add a “ADD” and “OR” feature to the configuration section of the Relation column. That way you can combine and intersect whatever elements you want in a Relation column, saving the hassle of doing all of the work you did.”



I have used this method. The 3+ second delay means it’s unusable :man_shrugging:.