Multiple And Or Rules

We need to have an AND Rules combined with an OR rule, example

Visibility if

User is Super Admin OR User is Manager
User Team is not Empty


I had the same problem and couldn’t find an elegant solution.
I just added a “Math” type column for SuperAdmin + User Manager (value boolean !!)
Then in Filter I made an AND between my math column and “User not Empty”

But hey, maybe another user has another solution

But like you, I hope that we will soon have more option to avoid this solution.

So for this you could create a new column in your data editor using “if then else”
Play with conditions in that column like,
Condition 1: If User team is Empty then False
Condition 2: If User is Super Admin then True
Condition 3: If User is Manager then True
Else False

Then use this column for your visibility with the condition “Show when column is True”

One thing to note, if then else also checks the first condition and then moves to the second so everytime you want to achieve something like this, you will have to create a logic which returns True in all the conditions you need it to be visibile.

Hope this helps!