Moving the entire table element into a new table with a button press


I am trying to create a simple app where you can make decisions on items.

In my main database, I have a screen that displays a comprehensive list of items. I would like to enable users to make decisions about these items by selecting either “approve” or “decline” through the press of a button. Then, I would like the entire item, not just a single row, to be transferred to a new screen and a separate database called “Declined”.

Any idea on how to do that?

Thanks in advance!

Is it actually necessary to move the items to another table, or could you just set a status column and then use that as a filter?

I guess it isn’t necessary, but it would be very helpful as I have separate actions connected to separate screens and I don’t know how many new problems a whole new configuration can present.

mmm, okay.

Just one thing I find a little confusing…

Normally an “entire” item would be encapsulated in a single row. That’s kind of how Glide works - one item per row. Can you explain a little more how you define an entire item in this context?


I understand that, but when I set an action as “add row” to another screen/database, it only gives me the option of adding one of the columns in the row.

Screenshot 2023-07-10 173154

Here for example, I can only add “Company Name:”, and not the other attributes. If I try to add one for each attribute, I’ll just get multiple items in the new screen, when I just want to take the same “item” (represented in a row in the database) into the other screen.

Does your other table have enough columns to hold all of the values from the original table? Looks like your new table only has a Name column. You need to add the necessary columns in that table first.

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Thanks! Somehow didn’t think of it!

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