Monthly overview of daily inputs

Hello! I have an app, where a user types in each day how many hours a worker has worked for that day.

I would like to give a monthly overview of the amount of hours each worker has worked for every month. The hours will be multiplied by the hourly wage of the worker.

For example:

Daily inputs:
1st September 2020: Worker A = 6 hours, Worker B = 8 hours, Worker C = 7 hours
2nd September 2020: A = 7 hours, B = 8 hours, C = 9 hours

Total of hours worked in September 2020:
Worker A: 90 hours (to be paid: €1.800)
Worker B: 96 hours (to be paid: €1880)
Worker C: 102 hours (to be paid: €1960)

What could be an approach to get a monthly overview of the daily inputs?

If you don’t need immediate updates for the app (can live with a bit of lagging) then I think query is the best solution for this.

Something like.

=QUERY(Daily inputs!A:C,"SELECT A, B, SUM(C) GROUP BY A, B LABEL SUM(C) ''")