Month Over Month Graph

Hoping to get a second opinion that says this chart is possible. Initially, I didn’t think so, which the first feedback confirmed. However, considering everything else GA does, I’m still hopeful, lol.

It’s a month-over-month profit graph that continues from where the previous month ended. Attached is a screenshot for your reference.

@david or anyone who knows how to create it, please tell me it’s possible. I’d upgrade to pages with this!

Closest workaround is to have a side by side bar chart.

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I’d have to believe that you can get very close to this with Quickchart.
Have a browse through the Chart Gallery to get an idea of what is possible.


Thanks for sharing! I either already have this or it’s just a long continuation… I need to add multiple years to see. But I’m definitely going to make sure it’s configured like this if it’s not. Appreciate it!

Thanks for sharing! I’ll be sure to pass it along since it would be great if it works out… especially with their free plan! But the additional fee on top of Glide Apps wouldn’t be worth it. We shall see. Much appreciated.

One tip I find quite useful and makes the chart quite user responsive is to have a choice component underneath. You could use this to instantly filter the chart, e.g. by years (multi-pick) or half years to zoom the axis (H1 vs H2)… You just use the chart filter to respond to the choices.


You need to be doing some serious charts with lots of data points to hit the rate limits, so the free tier is probably fine for most uses.

I did purchase a commercial licence, but I do a crazy number of charts, some of them with several hundred data points.