Measure clicks on a button

Hello Gliders,
I am using glide as a means to test a startup idea and I want to launch a test where I have a button for purchase that I want to measure the amounts of clicks as an indication of interest. Does anyone know if this is possible?

You can’t measure how many people click a Buy button but obviously you can measure how many people actually follow though with the purchase.

I understand that. But the point is that what we’re selling requires a lot of capital to be committed to go to production. This would allow us to understand whether there’s interest without wasting money in production. I guess I could refund them but I feel like that’s more trouble than useful.

Could you just use a form button and create a fake purchase form if all you’re doing is testing? Then use COUNTIF in the sheet to count the “purchases”. I guess I don’t understand if this is a quasi-production app, or purely a test app. Are there actual purchases taking places? How are you trying to measure interest for something that isn’t available?


That might be an interesting way to do it. I am faking the pictures, not producing the actual objects.

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Yes, use the Form Button to make fake purchases.