Map Zooms Out Automatically

Upon clicking one of the pins, the map auto-zooms all the way out. I’ve tried locating the source of the map zoom element to control it manually with CSS, but every attempt to do so just zooms the image closer, not the actual map zoom level.

It’s incredibly frustrating for my users as I created a sales tracking CRM, so they have to zoom in every single time they need to tap on a pin… It doesn’t sound all that bad, but it has gone beyond the point of frustration.

Does anyone have any tips to control the zoom level of the map component? Or perhaps a trick to fix this issue? It’s not new, been happening since I started with Glide last year.

Thanks in advance,

I think it relates to how Glide sets it on the Mapbox front, so maybe CSS isn’t the right way to control that.

Have you tried changing the size of the map component?

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Thanks for commenting. I’ve tried Large, Medium and small… with and without a container, still happens unfortunately.

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