Many to many match

How would go about the following:

Each user picks his five favorite cities then hits “match” and a list of any other users who match on at least one city is generated.

Thank you for any insight.

If you use a multi-select choice component to select cities, then the result will be a comma delimited list of cities. Use a Split Text column to convert that comma delimited list into an array. Then create a Relation column that links the array to the city column in the table where you want to find the matches. You can display a collection sourced from that relation.


Will try it. Thank you

This worked well. Thank you! Only problem I have now is javascript suddenly stopped working. Could this be specific to my account?

Have you restarted your browser and/or computer? It shouldn’t be something specific to your account. Either the browser is having an issue or you have malformed javascript.

Fixed the JavaScript. Thank you


I got this to work and want to test across about a dozen user profiles I have set up. Log in as user1, make the selection and create the collection, then user 2 and so on. Problem is that it will only write the selections to the first user in the user profiles table. I have cleared cookies and cache. Any ideas would be appreciated.

It seems like you’re setting up your screen on the first row for every user. Please use the “filter” on the tab level to filter to the right row (e.g: email is signed-in user), so that it will write to right row.


Perfect. Thank you.

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