Making Edits to Published App


I had a question about editing, is there a way to make edits or changes to your app to see how it works and looks, before you re-publish it for users to see?

I also noticed sometimes when I create new columns in my sheet, they get added to the bottom of my components for a certain tab. When does this happen?


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A ‘publish changes’ button would be useful.

Regarding columns being added to the bottom - you should get a pop-up message in Glide each time you add a column asking if you want to add the new column, just click no.


You can create a copy of the app using the same sheet and do you changes and then if all good make the same changes in the main app if its used UI. If changes are in sheet then copy app with sheet. No other go as far as i know.


This is at the very top of my wishlist - way above any features. I hope we have publishing control soon.


Publish Control is an extreme challenge and will for sure fire back if compatibility not counted for.
Take this scenario, you implemented three “tweaks” 1, 2 and 3. in which 3 depends on 1. User decides to publish 3 but not 1, what’s going to happen?
In my opinion, and as suggested by @Coupons_Deal , user can have two apps, live and test. and once a new feature is validated on test, he/she can roll it to Live “carefully”

On this point, I respectfully disagree with you. :innocent: In an Orgs environment, you would then pay for both apps. I’m looking at PWA like a Website in terms of publishing…you publish all changes when you push. If you want to publish one change, you work on that one change and publish it then you start working on another. This would be highly preferable to things just popping up and constant refreshing on the user side because you’ve made one tiny change. Duplicating tabs that have conditional visibility, putting conditional visibility on items you’re working on, it’s all just one big complicated and unnecessary messy work around with too much reliance on human care. None of it is a long-term replacement for proper publishing control. Having two apps is another workaround that I don’t want to get into when publishing control is a fundamental. Being careful is a given, but that’s totally different than the minefield of potential mistakes we are navigating under with the current conditions.:woman_shrugging:t2: Of course Glide should ensure it won’t backfire. It is complex but also standard.



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I guess it’s not black_and_white situation, all depends on complexity of system and size of changes :slight_smile:


That’s the tough part for Glide! We all have different opinions and preferences! Glad we have a voice here and we can have some influence/impact through our collective dialogue! :blush:

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Ah, Ok thanks!!

I always thought it was asking if I wanted to sync the new columns, not add a component.

Ah! Ok, yes that could be an interim solution.

I have businesses added continuously via a google sheets form so the sheet is always changing. How do I make a copy of the app without making it copyable?

I guess I will have to do these if needed in the middle of the night if someone is using it. Is there a way to put up a maintenance note or take it offline for a while? I know sites always do that, it would be cool to do that for the app as well.

Yes you can do it. Have a One Row Sheet with maintenance flag can be true/false Yes/No 1/0 any such condition. Then create a Tab which shows maintenance page. Based on your maintenance condition show this and hide everything else :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the first point, you can make copy of any existing app which you see all your apps. What do you mean by “without making it copyable”?

I can see so many different points of view here.

In my model the customer gets a link to a Pro app that I have created. They use the app with no concept of Glide or any other services being used behind the scenes (e.g. Integromat or Zapier).

From time to time they will request a new feature (maybe chargeable) or find a bug (rarely, clearly …). I then need to work on the app to essentially create a new version, so I very much share @Deena pain in this respect. It is a nightmare trying to hide stuff while you work on it, let alone perform testing.

However for me, I would prefer the more traditional “staging” or “draft” environment for dev and QA which could then be “made live”. I think that offers the best blend of flexibility and ease of use.

I’m not saying this is easy to do, however I think it’s essential when you are building apps with any level of complexity for customers with demanding requirements. Glide fits the bill in terms of creating the apps, no question, but is not there yet in terms of maintaining them.


Yes, I was thinking of a ‘draft mode’ then hit update once all changes are made. You can’t save the changes as a draft since it’s already published, but once your ready hit the update button.

Kind of like updating a post to a website.

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We plan to offer this in the next few months (you will be able to make changes that only go live when you click ‘Update’ or ‘Publish’)


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: That will be the most awaited feature.

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So just hitting duplicate from the dropdown from an app on on your dashboard?

To make copyable I mean the “allow anyone with link to copy the app and sheet” tab under settings.

And how to I hide the tabs?


No No No. You just duplicate from Dashboard.

Ticking th checkbox in settings to allow copy sheet means anyone having link to your app can copy the app with sheet to there dashboard.

You probably don’t even want to Share the Copy app itself.

Tab hiding using visibility Tabs feature along with maintenance condition.

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Will a ‘maintenance mode’ option be easier to create in the interim?

A little check mark in the settings. You set which tabs you want hidden while under this mode.

Ok, I created a maintenance sheet and connected that to tab.

Not sure what you mean by the yes/no, true/false