Making a table-top roleplay character creation app

I am brand new to glide, but want to make a simple GUI for creating characters in a tabletop roleplay game.
It got complicated really fast…

First step is to pick a race. Each race has 3 different proficiencies to choose from (and there’s some overlap) BUT picking one turns the other two into negative proficiencies that count against you. Just after that, you apply a modifier, which adds another negative proficiency, and if it overlaps, you’re instructed to apply it elsewhere. There are also lots of conditional combinations, like if you choose certain races with certain modifiers, the benefits of the modifiers change.

What’s the best way to get started with all this?
Also, if my preview shows a container, and I want to edit something in a different container, how do I go to a preview of the container I’m editing so I can see my changes?

This sounds like a lot. Assuming all these are doable, what would you do with the character afterwards? Do you use it to play a game right inside the app?

You would have to locate that container on the left-hand side panel and click to go there. In Classic Apps there used to be a play mode where you can choose elements on the preview to go directly to it, but it has not been brought over to the new version.