Make It Safe

Greetings Everyone, I’m in the process of creating an app. It has a meet-up feature and I want to know what feature can I add to help the users feel more secure?
For example; say that you’re an avid inline skater who’ll be in Florida for a week and you’d like to meet up with someone who also skates. My app would pull up profiles that match what you’re looking for giving you the ability to reach out & make a connection while on vacation.
Aside from background checks (no clue how that would even work) …is there a way to make this safer for everyone involved? What types if ID verification would be useful in this type of scenario? :thinking:
I hope that this makes sense, I’m a newbie so please be gentle and Go SLOW lol :slight_smile:

My advice would be to start by reviewing the Glide documentation on user and data security.


thanks :slight_smile: