"Made with Glide"

Hi there,

Do you guys know how to remove the “Made with Glide” label at the bottom right of the app ? (Glide Pages)

I’m on the Pro Plan.

Many thanks !

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Hola @mnebackof

The “made with glide” badge cannot be removed from Pages at the moment. Stay tuned for some changes in the next few months.

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That’s quite annoying when you work with clients.
Especially when you pay 40$ for a Pro Plan.

I’m ok with advertising, but not when it’s forced.

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I just came here and wanted to ask the same question; It should be possible when working with clients. I assumed the badge would be gone after upgrading and was surprised to see it still.


Clearly mzsadiek !

Deal breaker when you work with clients.


I have said the same thing and some on this forum were on my case for pointing out how annoying it is to have such.
I am glad I am not the only one who has an issue with it especially after paying $40, I agree.
I think the adoption of pages will not be as popular as a result of this or maybe that’s the plan since it is still on beta…

How about replacing “Made with Glide” with “Powered by Glide” just for Glide Pages? @Jeff_Hager shared his experience with Unity.

This might be a quick fix until any upcoming pricing changes?

When pressed, builders could say “Glide is a no-code framework, it powers my coding.” As you can see I have no idea what a framework in coding is :sweat_smile:


It makes no sense to have any required badge on a Pro Plan. I hope this will be removed asap on the pro plan because it makes the product less usable for client work. I don’t know how to explain to clients that it’s not possible to remove the badge :sweat_smile:

I would like to build some Glide Pages for clients that already have a Glide App, but I’ll wait for the badge to be removed on the Pro Plan