- Last-minute private jet deals

Hi all,

Glad to present to you, the no. 1 app to discover last-minute private jet charter deals!

As private jet charters often need to ‘reposition’ their planes, they fly empty to the next departure airport for their next customer. These so-called ‘empty legs’ can be purchased at a fraction of the cost while the experience is just as awesome. You just need to be flexible and willing to book a one-way flight hours before departure as schedules may change.

This is where Lufthawk - built with Glide, Airtable, Make, SendGrid, and Dall-E - comes in: you can discover upcoming flights near you and also signup for email notifications (premium feature). For now only including flights in Europe, but soon expanding globally.

Keen to hear your thoughts and feedback! Also glad to give-away 10 free premium accounts for those of you who are interested in receiving notifications too!



Love it! Would love to test out the notifications as well.

What are you using Dall-E for?

Any time. Feel free to send your email address to and I’ll get your account activated!

Currently just experimenting with Dall-E, so it’s just the ‘pencil drawing of the jet’ on the Homepage that’s AI generated. Also trying out GPT-3 to assist with marketing copy.

Appreciate the feedback!

Nice concept. Perfect niche for Glide.