Low code database to hold data

Hello everyone,

I need to collect substantial amount of data from industry partners that would feed my Pro glideapp(s).

Does anyone know of any low code database which can have custom web-based interface for different kind of users (different industry types in this case) and can connect with Glideapps/Google sheet.

I am trying to avoid the use of multiple integrations in the process. For instance, I have considered Typeform, Airtable and Google sheets integration. However, I want to deal with only one company besides Glideapps.

If you have any +ve or -ve experience with particular company and would prefer to share that in private, please DM me.

Thanks so much

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Yes, Glide can do this. Create an app customized to each type of user, or a different app per user type. Use a single Glide table linked to all of the apps to collect and display the data.


Let us know what other features you think you’d need to make it work.


Thanks David! Glide is always my first choice. However, I do have some concerns. Let me send you a DM.

@S_C - If you’re only looking to deal with one other company besides Glide, I’d recommend SeekWell. It’s a tool that connects with any database type you decide to use (MySQL, Postgres, etc), and can send data to Google Sheets automatically and on a set schedule with a simple SQL query.

With SeekWell, you still have all the flexibility of your open-source database, but also get native integration with Google Sheets (both sending to and query from Sheets), and complete control over when and how to update your Google Sheet/Glideapps.

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