Lottie files

Hi there,
Is it possible to use and implement lottie files into Glideapps?

GIF images are supported. I don’t know anything about Lottie, but it looks like you can export good images. How would you intend to implement them?

I’ve made a request in https://features.staging.glideapp.io/ for this. Hopefully approved and you can vote soon.

Have used Lottie gifs which seem to work ok in glide

Yes, but with gifs there tends to be some lack of quality and playback performance. It also means that we could have json in our spreadsheet and use it as a variable without having to render a gif for every option

Sure. I use json files with another service, much better performance.

It would be great if it worked like the rich text element, where content can be added in glide or through a variable from the sheets.

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My request is now on https://features.staging.glideapp.io/ for voting

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