Looking forward to 2021 and beyond with our lovely community!

I know most of us have had our worlds turned upside-down this year. More than a few people I know in the community have lost loved ones during the pandemic, including me and other members of the Glide team.

Despite the difficulty of COVID, there were many reasons to be thankful — @JackVaughan became a dad, @Mark got married, @Jason and his wife moved to a beautiful new city, @Antonio graduated from Glide and adopted a puppy, and I got engaged :ring:.

I’m hopeful that 2021 will bring more joy to all of us, and I look forward to the day when we can be together at Glide Live (working title of our future conference!).

Thank you all for your help and camaraderie during this difficult year. The Glide team is just about 12 people, working astoundingly hard. Collaborating with the community makes us feel like we’re part of a much larger team. It’s a gift that we do not take for granted.

@Mark got hitched!

@JackVaughan gained a new pupil!

@David got engaged!

@Antonio became a dad!

New Glide Team Members

@Tristan @Harleigh_Gabrielson @Bry_Nguyen and Mike joined the team.

@Harleigh_Gabrielson joined the team in October, and now holds down Operations so that the team can focus on building and shipping an amazing product. She is thrilled to work with such hardworking and talented people, and is inspired by the awesome Glide community. Alongside all of the exciting growth happening at Glide, she is delighted every day by the continual blossoming of her 2 year old daughter.


Congratulations to all of your various successes! I’m sure I speak for the community when I say that we are glad that you folks consider us, the community, as part of your “team,” and are willing to share some intimate portions of your lives with us.


:raised_hands:t5: :raised_hands:t5:

Can’t have too many photos with the pup! :smile:


Congrats to all the team and the amazing work you are doing. Congrats on all the engagements, weddings and fatherhood!!!


Thanks all for building a product I love!


thank you for that awesome update about your company. Congrats to all and all that was accomplished. Looking forward to a great 2021 !

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What a team! Glad to have found glide and enjoy working on it everyday. Best wishes to you all and let’s hope for brighter future together in 2021 :+1:


So happy for you all! Love these joyous announcements!


For sure! Y’all need a huge pat on the back for not only surviving but thriving during 2020. Can’t wait for all to come!


I’m so glad for all of you guys! Congrats for this amazing team :sparkling_heart:



You guys are doing an amazing job in this space. Shipping quality software is difficult, but Glide is killing it!

Glide has enabled me to expand my business in 2020 and love what I do even more. I look forward to the future and am thankful for the involvement of everyone in the community.

Here’s to thousands of more ideas turned into apps in 2021 :sparkles: :tada: :beers:


All the best of luck you guy’s and looking forward to see glide raising high


Congratulations on those moments - big and small - that brought the team joy over the last year.

Most of us know nothing about each others’ lives — celebrations, wins, tragedies, or profound losses. We just get glimpses. My scientific poll shows that even the extreme version of the mentally always wells cracked around the Season 2 finale/early Season 3 episodes of the pandemic. But we set aside those acute moments of “does this even matter?” and descend into the absurdity of troubleshooting user-specific columns, a totally optional pursuit, for the greater good :slight_smile:


Good vibes


Thanks for your support and all the best to you all guys.


Awesome team. World class. Bravo.


Congratulations Glide!
Glide’s move in 2020 may have made people feel “hope” for those who have a difficult time.
I hope that the fruits that Glide will produce after 2021 will be full of “altruistic spirit” as well as profits.
That will be the driving force that many fans will want to continue to support Glide.


So happy reading this David! Congrats to all of you and thank you for having such a brilliant team. It’s a life-changing experience for me to work on this platform.

Any chance Bry Nguyen is from Vietnam so I can be proud about the Vietnamese representation in Glide haha.


You already have your own involvement to be proud of :+1: