Looking for query builders

Is there any Learning material on getting values based on query of 1 or more headers of a row ? example I want to know airfares from x to y expiring by December 31st for an adult aged 25+?

Do a google search on “Google sheets query()” and “Google sheets filter()”

Here is a good one on query: https://www.benlcollins.com/spreadsheets/google-sheets-query-sql/

Here is one on filter: https://sheetshelp.com/filter/filter

Thank you for your tip.

However I would like to perform the query in the app which a user would pick more than 1 header column and give many related results

Example: air fares from Vancouver to Shanghai economy class would give me airlines and the fares

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@Clyde_Sequeira check out @Jeff_Hager 's post:

If you still want to use query, you would need to have a sheet with a row for each user. In there would be columns that would be filled in the app by the user for their filters. Then in a new sheet you would use the query along with other google functions to dynamically build a list in a sheet that you could use the relation to access. Check out the Invoice section in https://vkjff.glideapp.io . This is an older simpler version of what I’m doing now. I needed multiple billing cycles per user, so my new version is a bit more complex with an extra intermediary sheet.

Just saw @Jeff_Hager’s concepts app. So much for my dream of becoming an expert with my comparative pea-brain. I bow to thee o wise one.

@Les_Henderson Hehe, thanks for the kind words. :rofl:

@Clyde_Sequeira So you want a query to be triggered in your SQL database when a row(s) is changed in a Sheet? Try this add-on from SeekWell. You can basically “inject” values from a table in Sheets into an SQL query, and trigger that query to run whenever a cell is changed in the Sheets table. You can also send the results of the query (e.g. airfares from x to y) back to the same Sheet instantly. Check out these docs for more info.

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