Looking for contract work - remove if inappropriate

Hi there, I’m a newer Glider and have built a couple of simple tools, and have a couple more complex ones in the works. I’ve been self-employed since 2014, after 15 years as an employed professional, and have been doing consulting and web (product logic) design in this time. I’ve had all kinds of ups and downs building my own products and attaining and losing partners, and the products we built.

While I’m learning Glide, to become self-sufficient, and getting my products going I’m wondering if anyone has some contract work that I may be suitable for. I’m a generalist and have worn many hats in a handful of industries.

Mechanical Engineering Technologist (automotive manufacturing)
Project Manager (mining / waste-water treatment / oil & gas equipment)
Canadian Immigration Consultant (former)
Founder of a web product company (legaltech)

I’m based in Vancouver, Canada with an awesome remote work setup . You can see more details on my LinkedIn profile. Thanks!


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Get yourself on the Experts list, and people will start banging down your door (at least that’s been my experience).




Thanks so much for the quick reply and suggestion. I’m here learning from experts at this point haha, but I hope to get there soon.

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