Looking for assistance

Im telling you working with @Structure_Art_DIGITA is the best.
He is 1000% reasonable and worth every $.
He is very very knowledgeable with his many years of experience & his teachings are like no other.

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR HELPING ME FIX WHAT WAS USED TO DRAIN $$ out of me :face_holding_back_tears::bangbang:

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It’s nice of you to praise someone from the Glide community.

However we don’t really have a section for commercial ads/plugs.

Would you have a feature, technique, tip to share? Maybe an app to showcase? A question to ask?


Laughing out loud that was the Tip to share. Soon ill display my work. However He helped me and i am very satisfied with that expert being though I was being scammed by the other. Thats the tip. Thanks :blush:

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If you believe that you were being scammed by another expert, then I think Glide would want to know about that. Especially if it was a Glide Certified Expert.