Looking for a Glide teacher

I’m a designer and very new to Glide. Looking for a teacher that can guide me through it, explain the basics. I mainly need help with the data tab.

1-2h per day for 1 week to start with

Anyone interested? Send me your price and let’s chat.

Hi Alejandro, welcome to Glide and the community forum :wave:

I few places to learn:

If your expectations are low and if you’re interested, I’m willing to help you a little. Totally informally because I’m not an instructor. Just as I would share ideas here in the community forum, we could talk about the Data Editor over a video call. I could try to share a few ideas and perhaps answer a few of your questions. Totally free of charge of course.


There is also a Loqode school you can join and watch a lot of recordings of Q&A and Live Build sessions. Just go to Loqode’s YT and you will find the link to the school. It is free to join!