Long text with scrollbar, what is the css code please?

Hi, I have long text, I don’t what to use the COLLAPSE/ EXPAND , I do want to use scroll-bar.
How to manage to do it using CSS? Other solution? Thanks.

Not it’s the perfect solution, but it’s works.






What exactly do you mean by “scrollbar”? Wouldn’t the user have the native ability to scroll down to read your text?

Sounds like he means what’s often seen on terms and conditions pages… showing the fine print in a fixed sized container set on the screen. So user can scroll the text if they want, but they don’t have to scroll through it all to get to the next thing in the page.

I don’t know how to do that in Glide. It would be nice though. Maybe someone knows. My solution would just be a new screen in overlay or slide in that had all the small print T&C or whatever it is you wanted in the scroll box.

Alright Ohad, here’s how you CAN do it if you really want to. It’s just a bit of a pain because you need to host the text on a website somewhere. Just create a basic page, no header ideally, just the text you want. Then web embed it. Besides the issue of it being a pain to create a web page just for that text, you really only have one reasonable size for the scrollable box.


Hi, Thank you all, that’s not what I meant.
That’s what I need for text box:

It’s important to say that my text changes every few days (it’s template). I know it is possible to do it in CSS because I did it before on other platform using CSS.

Here’s my take on this:

  • Create a new experimental code column and use this link:

You can view the source code here:

  • Point the text data column to the column you want, or just paste custom text in.


  • Add a web embed column and set the right size, also allow scrolling.