Logging Admin activity to a log file

Hi team,

Wondering if anyone has had a need for what I am about to describe - and if so - how they solved it.

I have developed a membership based app that is largely “view only” except for a designated admin who can add, edit and delete membership records.

The organisation I have developed this app for has now asked for audit logs that enable them to see what records have been added, edited or deleted - and what those changes actually were. Their interest is motivated by this info sometimes being needed for court cases - where a chain of evidence may be inportant.

Ideally - the log would show one row of data per add, change or delete - with a date/time stamp.

Conscious as well that any sort of log could eat up ‘updates’ super quickly.

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.



Yeah I’ve done this, using JSON and JavaScript.
I was able to successfully store/view up to 1000 or more log events in a single JSON string. So for example, if you have a table with 1000 items, you could store 1000 log events per item (1 million log events in total) without using any additional rows. (that’s strictly not true, because you’d need a 1000 row helper table to view the logs - so 2000 rows in total to get 1 million rows of logs).
I won’t attempt to explain how it’s done, because it’s complicated.

But you can see an example below:

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Hi Darren,

Thanks for the speedy reply. It is reassuring to know it can be done.

If the customer insists that they want this I will come back to you and see if you have time to develop it for me. Is there much work involved in implementing your solution? 2 hours? 50 hours? 100 hours?

Thanks again.


I’ll reply in PM.