Location or action button

Greetings to all.
After having solved thanks to @Robert_Petitto and his example, reverse geolocation, I wanted to ask a question to the experts of the group, always involving Robert because I noticed that he has developed several solutions of this kind. Is there a possibility to activate it by pressing a button or by action?
Thanks to anyone who wants to try to answer me.

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Would you like to activate the location component in a different way from the Switch? No, that’s not possible in my opinion.

Do you mean you want to retrieve the user’s location by a button action? I don’t think that would work.

I dunno…it could work if you were to send the API call URL as a webhook action which then (using a service like Make) can write the location back to the table—you just wouldn’t use the fetch plugin column (and thus wouldn’t see the reverse lookup live as you type).

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All right! Thank you all. Hopefully, an option will be included at some point, perhaps as a programmable action.