Localize "Relative Time" column

The “Relative Time” column is great. Sadly, it doesn’t allow us to change the output language. Using the “Replace all” column seems not only cumbersome, but also quite impossible as you cannot ask it to conditionally replace, i.e. replace “months ago” with XX or “weeks ago” with YY, etc.
Any ideas how to solve this, or should it become a feature request?
On the same issue, what is the best method to calculate time that passed, apart from this “Relative time” column?
By “best” I mainly refer to computing efficiency, as this column will be part of a rather large table (thousands of rows).

The method I use is to subtract the start date/time from the end/date time, and then convert the result to whatever format I need using a combination of math and template columns. This method has always worked fine for me. I don’t use any of the date plugins, because I don’t trust them.



I agree but feel this might be an easy enough task for these columns to handle. I ended up using “Date Difference” which isn’t a complete solution, but good enough for now :slight_smile:

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One possible solution is to connect Google Translate API to your app through a Fetch JSON column, with the input being your API key, your “relative time” phrase, and the target language.

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