Load Components With Actions

I have a client I’m building an app for. They are an interior designer, basically they want to upload an image (for example of a couch) and have a comment thread with their client for feedback on the image.

For example: Interior designer uploads a photo of a red couch. A comment thread is added with the photo. Their client says they want a yellow couch instead. The interior designer uploads an image of a yellow couch along with a new comment thread. This needs to happen all on the same page.

Is this possible with Glide? Can an action load a set of components (image picker & comment) with a button?

Assuming we’re talking about different “project chats” here, where each chat section will be for a specific project.

  • Create a table to hold your project details, with 2 columns to store the “client email” and “designer email”.

  • Clients and designers will only be able to see projects that they are a client/designer for.

  • Add a Comments table that holds the project ID, the commenter ID, the message, the timestamp, and a multiple image column.

  • In your Project details screen, add a button that opens a form to add comments to the project, including a text entry for the message, an image picker for the multiple image column, and special values for the project ID, commenter ID, and timestamp.

  • Create a query/relation that links the project table to the comments table using the project ID. Display that in a custom collection to show the text message, the images, the timestamp and the commenter’s name/image.

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