❓ Live Glide Training with Darren on Fridays! + Q&A

Hello everyone! I’m gonna kick off the new year with some more unofficial Glide Expert Office Hours. It’s going to be on Fridays starting tomorrow.

The goal of this time is to help you take your next step in Glide. Whether you are experienced or just starting out. I want to help you take your next step. Your participation drives the conversation!

So if you’ve got questions I’d love for you to join!

Next Steps

  1. Register for the next event here.
  2. Kickstart your Glide education with the recently updated Glide Essentials playlist

Note: Replays of recorded webinars can be accessed here. This offer was made by request to give you early access to replays. All presentations by Darren worth sharing will be uploaded to his YouTube channel once editing is completed. Recordings of presentations by others will be shared with the other party to share as they see fit.


What a neat idea! Every Friday?

Congrats on your initiative, @darren :clap:t3:

Nice. I’ll tune in when I can.

Great idea! Hope it works out well. 2AM my side though so can’t tune in :sweat_smile:

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I’ll see your 2am, and raise you an hour :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: :scream:

ps. Great initiative @darren - hope it goes well :+1:


Nice one @darren thank you so much for doing this.

I see only Glide Experts have left comments…

Does this need a new name? :rofl:

It’s Office Hours hosted by a Glide Expert rather than Office Hours for Glide Experts. Any suggestions???


Are we intimidating the rest of the people?

Hey guys you can comment here!!! :rofl:


When I first saw it I thought it was taking about your “office hours” or glide expert office hours.

How about

Friday Expert Tips
Friday night with Darren
Friday glidemania
Friday glide tips

Live Tips and Questions with Darren

I wonder if Glide would be willing to pin posts like these in the forum, so everybody see’s them.


This one’s perfect

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Good idea :smiley:


I’m in. Thanks for taking the initiative!

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Whatever you do I’m follows…

One n only Darren…

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We go again!

This week we shall call it Friday Gliday and you can register here.

If you have any Glide questions or need some advice on implementing a feature, you can join and ask me anything. :+1:


Okie dokie artichoke!

I don’t know why, but made me remember it :rofl:

What a great idea! I wish I was available at this time!!