❓ New to Glide? Join me Friday for a Live Q&A

Hello everyone! I’m hosting an unofficial Glide Q&A session this Friday.

I’m calling it: Glide for Beginners

The goal is to help introduce those new to Glide to the basics and answer questions. If you are new to Glide and have some questions, come join me and I’ll do my darndest to answer whatever you throw at me.

Next Steps

  1. Register for the event here.

  2. Submit questions before the event here.

  3. Kickstart your Glide education with the recently updated Glide Essentials playlist.


Pinned the topic so that potential viewers will be able to see it more easily :slight_smile:

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Thanks again @Darren_Alderman for creating this and sharing with us! Looking forward to it if you do more!

I didn’t catch the book app you created, could you perhaps share it here or send it along? Thanks!

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That was fun! Thanks @Darren_Alderman.

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Thanks @Natalie_Fruciano and @nathanaelb for the support! It was fun.

Here is the app we created on the call with both of the filtering options:

i had to miss the presentation- was it by chance recorded so that we can view later ?

We go again! Join me tomorrow for another Live Glide Q&A: