Little crowsourcing like Indiegogo for each record

Guys, I’m struggling with an app even sending some msg, reading similar posts, and watch some YT videos.
I’m gonna try to simplify the feature I’m trying to develop.

a main tab call TICKET with total_amount USD200.
I´d like to allow people help to pay, purchasing some quotas or parts of this TICKET.
Besides total_amount, I´m gonna set the number of pieces available. For example 4.

So, people will see Ticket USD 200 4 of 4 parts available to purchase.
A user could select 3 parts, I have to show 3 x (200/4) = USD150 Confirm??

Now the next user when access this TICKET will see Ticket USD 200 1 of 4 parts available to purchase.

Apparently looks simple, but It doesn’t work!
What u suggest doing? I´ve already tried 2 scenarios.


1st in the MAIN_TICKETS NumQuotas, NumQuotasGenerated, NumQuotasAvailable.
A user inserts Number Entry NumQuotas, I calculated everything, show the final cost and click on a FORM BUTTON, the user confirms with SEND button. Here I SET COLUMNS in the QUOTAS_DETAILS. Perfect. Issue: next time this user access this TICKET I´d like to clear the Number Entry. I don´t know how.

In short bullets what would u do? thx.

Something like this…

Make a copy of it, then try previewing as different users (it’s pre-loaded with 4 dummy users)

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Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! u r kidding! P-E-R-F-E-C-T!
I don’t have words to thank u! I was fighting a days!!!

Thank u soooooo much! That´s it! Period.
Thank u for your patient. I’m happy because I had to stop, re-write better and u understood perfectly.
I don’t if I said it, but it´s a social project and it´s helping poor people in financial difficulties and I don´t charge anything.

Now I have to study deeply what u did.


You’re welcome. The hardest part for me was visualising exactly what you were trying to do.
Once I had a clear understanding, the solution was obvious :slightly_smiling_face:
Let me know if I need to explain any of it, and good luck with the rest of your project.

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Just an operation question about Glide. It´s not a first time, about the sources. the main table is green and I can see in the file, but about the white others ? what´s it? temp table? I don´t know?

Thx again. u were brilliant and generous!

The white ones are Glide Tables. They exist only in Glide - you won’t see them in the spreadsheet.

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