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I have a large list of things produced, including their year and the serial start start and serial number end produced on each occasion. How can I display them in a sort order where years are first priority, then the serial number start?

For example I want row 8 to come before row 5, because obviously “58” come before “151” when looking at these numbers as a human.

Currently I am sorting by template column of Year and Serial Start.

I tried to make these two figures as an array, thinking it would look at the number as a whole and not one digit at a time, but I cannot sort by an array.

What I would do is split out the first serial number using an Extract Matching Text column, and then use that with the year in a math column to compute a single integer value to use for sorting.

Using the data shown in your screen shot:

To extract the first serial number:

And the Math column:


Note that the formula would need to be adjusted based on the maximum number of digits in your serial numbers. For example, if the serial numbers had a maximum of 6 digits (which appears to be the case from your second screen shot), then you would use 10^7


Yes - this worked perfectly. Thank you so much. I have up to 8 digit numbers so I adjusted accordingly, and luckily I already had the start year as it own field - no need for extraction! I appreciate the answer

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