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Hi community, need help. I’ve configured a Glide app for customers to book a transport collection service with my business. I have a choice component whereby they select the object type, example motorcycle, boat, jet ski. Once they’ve selected say “motorcycle”, I’d like to expand and have the brand of motorcycle as a choice, example Harley-Davidson, Ducati etc. I’ve configured it using the inline list component, and it’s working for motorcycle, linking to the brand, but the problem is, it’s linking to the same brands when you select “boat”, how do I make it so that motorcycle displays motorcycle brands for selection, and boats displays boat brands for selection?

How are your relations set up between objects and brands? The brands should also have a column for the related object.

If you’re looking for a potentially better way, there is now the ability to hide or show components based on the value in other components, You could have a form button to open a submission form. In that form I would first set up a choice component for object type. Then create separate choice components (that lists brands) for each of the types of objects. A condition can be set up for each of those brand choice components to only display the component if the selected object matches the type of brand choice component you want to see.

A thread regarding conditional components.

Hi Jeff,

Sorry about the delayed reply. Let me give the below a try and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks very much for the reply and advice

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Its working! You’re a legend!

Thank you so much!

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Glad to here! Good luck with the rest of your project.